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PBD West Headquarters

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About PBD West

PBD West is a marketing company servicing independent petroleum and convenience retailers, as well as fuel distributors in the western United States. PBD West negotiates on behalf of its franchisees, product and services including, but not limited to, tobacco, hot and cold beverages, financial services, and other consumer packaged goods.

PBD West designs marketing programs and create unique and impactful strategies to ensure effective execution on behalf of both our retailers and vendor partners.

Who is PBD West?

  • PBD is a UCC1 franchise for gas and convenience stores.
  • As a franchise, PBD operates as a national chain of 3500 independent petroleum/convenience retailers in the United States.
  • PBD West operates in California, Nevada, Arizona, Texas and Louisiana.
  • PBD was founded, and is owned and operated by C&P franchise operators.
  • PBD is a buying and marketing company that manages every major category for our franchisees.
  • PBD creates the best marketing programs to maximize vendor funding and incremental values that are only available to chain operations.
  • No franchise royalties
  • No bottom line to affect relevance to market dynamics.
  • Profit from volume, not royalties.
  • PBD is recognized by Philip Morris, Coca-Cola, Frito Lay, Monster Energy, and CoreMark as a national c-store chain of 3500 locations.

What is PBD West Becoming

  • PBD is moving towards centralization not through ownership of locations, but through:
  • COUNSELING our retailers for COMMITMENT

instead of policing compliance or paying for participation.

  • Proprietary equipment as “franchise assets”.****
  • Unique and exclusive programs and promotions.

–Co-funded Promotions

–Buydown rebates to ensure execution

–Proprietary signage to ensure compliance and sell-through

  • Chain programs that offer incremental financial benefits.
  • The PBD evolution from a Buying Group to a Marketing Platform, to a Selling organization, to a national franchise:
  • Help vendors sell to the retailers
  • Help retailers sell to the consumers

Chaos Marketing Before PBD

Comprehensive Category Management

Factors For Success

Infrastructure and system as extended sales/marketing arm for vendor partners and consulting with buying power at no cost to retailers.

  1. Management
    a. Track/monitor employee performance to ensure success for Category Managers, Sales and Marketing Consultants (SMCs), retailers and vendors.
    b. Maintain accountability by evaluating performance
    c. Real-time web based performance tracker
    d. Political and government affairs: External threats to the industry
  2. Category Management Team in Tobacco, Beverage and General Merchandise
    a. Negotiate CMAs that are mutually beneficial for vendors, and retailers
    b. Implement schematics and resets to maximize sales
    c. Monitor promotions and buy down rates to develop marketing strategies
    d. Communicate all promotions, buy downs and new item distribution via website in real-time anytime with archive, Tobacco Pricing Notification, Cigarette Pricing Calculators, Elite Buyers Guide monthly publications, sell sheets, email broadcasts.
    e. Provide SMCs signage, sell sheets and ideas to drive sales and create excitement
    f. Publish trend analyses and best practice ideas
  3. Sales and Marketing Consultants (SMCs):
    a. Implement programs/promotions as negotiated.
    b. Pre-book programs and monthly promotions in real-time to ensure distribution.
    c. Install exterior and interior POS to drive sell-throughd.
    d. One on One consulting with stores on pricing strategies with competitor surveys and marketing tools such as the Cigarette Pricing Calculators.
    e. Ensure schematic compliance according to CMAsf.
    f. Resolve problems to ensure retailer satisfaction with vendors
  4. Sales Analyst Team:
    a. Process all pre-book orders from SMCs and track volume reports
    b. Produce rebate pay registers to reward retailers and SMCs for their performance
    c. Create and distribute all communication vehicles such as PBD West website, Elite Buyers Guide, Sell Sheets, Email Broadcasts, etc.
  5. Platforms for marketing and selling:
    Platform 1: Proprietary Tobacco BackBar Fixture
    Platform 2: Proprietary PBD Signage
    Platform 3: Proprietary Schematics
    Platform 4: Exclusive Co-funded Retail Price Promotions
    Platform 5: Annual Resets

Strategic Focus

1) Set price to customer value:

–Value propositions must be CLEAR and MEANINGFUL.

–Value propositions must PROVOKE customers to buy.

2) Return on Inventory Investment to drive CASH FLOW:

–Inventory older than 30 days is an EXPENSE as cost of cash.

–PBD locations are Retail businesses, not warehouses.

3) Eliminate Out of Stock:

-If you don’t have it, you can’t sell it.

4) Incubate new products with trend potential to drive incremental sales and profits.

The Bottom Line

Our message to our retailer and vendor partners is: We do the work, you reap the benefits.